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Last date updated:  01/07/02

Welcome to the Menges/Mingus Family Web Page!  This site is dedicated to descendants and ancestors of Johannis Menges who immigrated to America from Germany in 1709.  We welcome any additions, deletions or corrections necessary to offer the most accurate picture of this family and we hope you enjoy what the site offers.

Be sure to scan all the way down this page as it contains LOTS of Menges and Mingus family information!

Menges/Mingus GEDCOM--containing family information and accompanying research  notes with some collateral line information, as well.

Menges/Mingus GEDCOMs and Research Note Links:

  1. European Menges Information--originating in the Eberbach area of Baden, Germany including information on Hans1, Claus2, Jost3, Matthias4, Hans5, Wilhelm6, Leonhard7, and Johannis8 Menges and their descendants.  Just click on the words European Menges Information to go to this data located within my web page.

  2. New York Menges/Mingus Information--including information on Johannis8 and Christian9 Menges/Mingus and their descendants.  Just click on the words New York Menges/Mingus Information to go to this data located within my web page.

  3. Northern Ohio Mingus--including information on Hieronimus10 Mingus and his descendants.  Just click on the words Northern Ohio Mingus to go to this data located within my web page.

  4. Southern Ohio Mingus--including a five generation descendancy chart for Moses Mingus and his progeny.  For very detailed information contained within my web page containing research and file notes, click on the words Popp Web Page.  For this information contained in Jim Anderson's Web Page, click on the words Southern Ohio Mingus.

  5. For North Carolina Mingus, you can find some information on the following pages:  "The Story of Our Smiths in America" at; "Descendants of John Jacob Mingus" at; "The Sandy and Rick Mingus Home Page" at; and  "The Mingus Family Line" at

  6. Manges/Menges Descendants of Johann Conrad Menges--this site maintained by John M. Mangus is beautifully laid out and contains a variety of presentations of information on the Mangus line that also came from the Eberbach area of Baden, Germany, but, to date, does not have a direct link to our Menges/Mingus line.  John Mangus' page includes information on Peter1, Peter2, Hanss3, Johann4, Johann Conrad5 Menges, Jacob6 Menges/Mangus, Fleming P.7, Solomon J.8, Ernest Everitt9 and John Milton10 Mangus with Ahnentafel.  Please note that John Mangus uses a different numbering system than I have listed here.  This site also contains source materials and is extremely well documented.

Index to Menges/Mingus Family Surnames (PLEASE NOTE:  There have been additions to the Generation Reports listed below and not all Mingus' contained in the Reports is listed in this Index to date.  If you are looking for a Mingus that is not listed in the index, please contact me and I will do a scan to see if they are contained in any of the Reports--Teri Popp at  Otherwise, please visit the GEDCOM at and type in the surname Mingus--that will give you a complete listing of all Mingus' in my files.)

Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4 Generation 5
Generation 6 Generation 7 Generation 8 Generation 9 Generation 10
Generation 11 Generation 12 Generation 13 Generation 14  

Reference:  "The Mingus Family Memo" and "The Mingus Family Newsletter"--this is a collection of family association newsletters, edited James L. Powell from 1969 through 1980, containing data, stories and research regarding the Menges, Mingus and Mangus variations of the surname (if you are interested in a particular issue, please contact me and I will be happy to get it to you!  Teri Popp at

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