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Last date updated:  07/14/01

From a picture by Sharon Koch, the following plaque was found on Joshua Giddings Plot, Bay Shore Road, Marblehead with the "names of seven men killed by Indians Sept. 27, 1812...listed on the small slab stone...James S. Bells, Alexander Mason, Valentine Ramsdell, Simeon Blackman, Daniel Mingus, Abraham Simons, Aquilla Puntney."  Note from James L. Powell:  names on photo of stone are difficult to read.  Reference:  "The Heroes of the Battle of the Peninsula" providing that Daniel Mingus was killed in action and his brother was a member of Capt. Harvey Murray's Co. Ohio Militia.  According to this source, Daniel served from Aug. 21 to Nov. 30, 1812.  Daniel either was a member, or volunteered for the "Battle of the Peninsula."  From the "Death Records of Servicemen of the War of 1812," State of Ohio, Firelands Museum Library (Norwalk, Ohio):  "Mingus, Daniel  Volunteer Patriot  b. 1789 d. 1812 buried Giddings Plot Served Joshua Cottons Co."  From the notes of Sharon (Cooper) Koch [deceased]:  "Daniel Mingus died in Ottawa County, Danbury Township and is buried in Giddings Cemetery on Bay Shore Road 12 miles east of Port Clinton, Ohio."

17a.        v.            JOHN MINGUS, b. bet. 1782-1796; d. October 28, 1814, Buffalo, New York while serving in the War of 1812.   Reference: Jim Anderson (provided by e-mail on 5-14-1999) providing the following:

"The State of Ohio
Morgan County SS

On this 17th day of January in the year 1853, Mary Mingus came personally before me a Justice of the Peace within and for said County who being duly sworn according to law desposes and saith that that (sic.) Luther Mingus in apliant for Bounty land in right of John Mingus deceased who was a private in Captain H. Hickman's Company of the twelfth regiment of Infantry United States Army, war of 1812 and who died in the service at Buffalo, New York, on or about the 28th day of October in the year 1814. Dep*** said that she is the sister-in-law of the said applicant that affiant is the widow of Gideon, a Brother of applicant and also of the said John Mingus in whose right said land is saught to be obtained, affiant further avers that she is acquainted with the said applicant forty years that she knew the said John Mingus applicant's Brother before he went into the Army, that said Luther Mingus was always recognized regarded and hath by their parents to be their lawful child and son of the same parents of said John Mingus, that the said Luther Mingus hath no Brother living and no sister living to the best of affiant's knowledge, that both the Parents of said Luther are dead and that the said Luther is to the best of affiant's knowledge and belief the only surviving heir of John Mingus aforesaid. 
Mary Mingus

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of January A.D. 1853 James A. Adair, Justice of the Peace"

There is a similar document signed by Hannah Mingus, widow of William Mingus. Signed 13th day of January 1853. It has the same death date for John Mingus.

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